Information for buying a property in Turkey

This process is similar to that of many European countries in Turkey.

First, the fee is paid at the time of signing the contract and then the final amount is paid by transferring the required documents.

Required documents for buying a property in Turkey:

  • Your passport and a copy of it
  • Six 6×4 passport size photos
  • Bank account in a Turkish bank
  • Turkish tax number (Vergi Numarasi)
  • Authorising a government employee with a registry to give us a one-time attorney if you intend to return to your country by the end of the purchase process.

Costs incurred during the purchase of property in Turkey

  • Attorney fees are around 100 euros
  • Translator costs around 50 euros
  • Photo for around 10 euros
  • Transaction cost 3% of the assessed amount
  • The document costs about 6,000 Turkish liras
Purchasing a house is important event in most of our life.
Buying house is important event in life of most of us.


When you make a definite decision to buy the house you want, a purchase contract will be set up and you will pay a pledge when all parties have signed and the pledge has been paid.
The amount of the lump sum varies for each property but the general rule is that this amount should be 10% of the total purchase price. If you later decide to break your contract you will lose the lump sum if the seller loses the contract. If you do, you will be refunded the full amount of the payment and in this case a penalty clause will be included.

Complete the process

When both buyers and sellers (or a person representing them) complete the contract, they come to a real estate office and do the document transfer.

This usually takes about an hour and a representative is in place at the same time. External must have an official translator in place to be a Certifying Certificate The buyer must pay taxes and fees as required by law before signing the final document.

When all parties sign the contract, the process ends and the purchase is signed. This means that ownership has now been transferred to the buyer and the buyer profile in the registry Land will be recorded in a document transferring the total amount of the purchase must be paid to the seller.

Title deed or in Turkish language Tapu

Tapu is the Turkish name of the Title deed and is a legal document showing that you own all the rights of the property. This document shows the full name of the owner of his photo and the details of the assets.

At the Land Registry you must have only a passport and 2 photos plus a tax registration number and if you are unable to attend A trusted attorney must be present on your behalf.

Use letter advocacy

The easiest and most convenient way for foreigners to buy property in Turkey is to use a notary-designated letter of attorney with the permission of you and your trustee to sign the purchase contract and complete the process.

That means That you do not have to stay in Turkey all the time you need to go through the buying process. If a house is being traded by multiple buyers, each person must be represented by a lawyer. try to help you and bring you necessary information in buying your property all around the world.