The new year started quickly and in the first 3 months 9 thousand 618 home sales reached a share of the growing foreign Iranians every month, Turkey’s happening in different parts of the host

Iranians, who ranked second after Iraqis considering the nationality of the owner of housing foreigners in Turkey, and has a leading position in applying for citizenship.

Lowering the lower limit of about 250 thousand dollars citizenship, it has increased the interest in real estate foreigners in Turkey.

The share of Iranians in the sale of the house to the foreigner who started the new year fast and reached to 9 thousand 618 in the first 3 months is rising every month. Iran’s increasing attention towards Turkey is the host in different regions of the country.

In the first quarter of the year, according to the nationalities of the country, when the housing sales figures for foreigners were examined, the Iraqis bought 781, while the Iranians purchased 946 housing units.


Starting at $ 1 million citizenship to foreigners, as of September 18, 2018 decreased to 250 thousand dollars specifically said that the Iranians are getting increased the demand for housing in Turkey.

Iranians traditionally prefer US, Canada and took first place in the EU countries. The emergence of the issue of Syria, millions do not want to migrate people to Europe Donald Trump and US President has applied to anti-immigration policies after coming to deal with the Iranians, has caused them to turn the direction to Turkey. “

Iran embargo after introversion policies implemented, export and import bans and around the country with its problems, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Bahrain and the closure of about 75 thousand Iranian companies located in the Gulf countries such as Oman and the direction of these companies led to turn Turkey.

Noting that the war rumors and the military mobility have triggered the sudden upsurge in the foreign exchange market, the political future has begun to cause uneasiness about the future. the uncertainty being overwhelmed by the Iranians stressed that factors that increase their purchasing demands from Turkey.

58 people received citizenship from 19 countries in the period until September 2018 after the possibility of being a homeowner and a citizen with the law issued in January 2017 and the amount of citizenship received from citizens from 19 countries until September 2018. In the last 5.5 months, 276 people from 63 countries received citizenship and 289 of the citizens of Iranian citizens reported.


Fatih Çayabatmaz, said:

“Some of the Iranians assess in Turkey they see as a safe haven for their money, some want to get citizenship in Turkey to benefit from the advantages of trade of Turkish citizenship because of the scope of the sanctions of the Iranian banking system. Some of them also have visa-free entry right of the Turkish passport 114 countries, thus benefiting from tourism services wants. after 2-3 years after the money invested alabiliyork citizenship in other countries, this is such a short time period of 2-3 months in Turkey … to be this kind of convenience and advantage of the increasing popularity of Iranians in Turkey. “

people of the decrease in the value of the currency at the results embargo against Iran country, stating that directs to invest in the country could maintain the value of their money does not Çayabat, Turkey is at this point stands out, a tax number from the tax office and the passport translated with the Iranians housing anywhere in Turkey, He said that he could buy a vehicle and he could easily start a company.


The socio-cultural affinity between the two countries had a great impact on these demands.

Istanbul, tourism and business centers attract more Iranians, the home and business to establish a business and import and export to those who prefer Istanbul, expressing interest in tourism and holiday in Antalya, he said that the new favorite cities found the following evaluations:

Our cities such as Bursa and Trabzon have come to the forefront in the last period, and there is a significant demand of Iranians in this region. It is preferable that Bursa is green and it resembles the northern region of Iran.