What to Know About Sale of Real Estate to a Foreigner in Turkey? The purchase of real estate by foreigners is determined by the Law on Land Registry No. 2644. We have investigated the relevant law and the requirements to be considered.

which constitute major obstacles in front of the reciprocal treatment of foreigners to buy property in Turkey, 2644 made changes in the law 2012 dated May 18 has been removed. After this change, foreign land purchases and sales of real estate in Turkey kolaylaşs also still some limitations are present.

Restrictions on Real Estate Sales to Foreign Real Persons

Foreign nationals can buy a person up to 30 hectares of land in Turkey. In addition, if 30 hectares are more than 10 per cent of the face measurement of the district where the area is located, 10 per cent of the district area is considered as the upper limit. In military areas and private security zones, the sale of land to foreigners is prohibited. However, if permission is obtained from the General Directorate of Land Registry and Cadastre, the houses in these regions may be rented to foreigners.

foreigners wishing to buy a property, determined by the recorder of deeds “Limited Real Estate in Turkey and Hakan Visit capable Countries” should also be one of the citizens. In addition, a foreigner does not need to obtain a residence permit before buying immovable.

Restrictions on Real Estate Sales to Foreign Legal Entities

Restrictions of the sales to legal entities are determined by Article 35 of the Title Law No. 2644. According to this article, to be able to demand a company’s real estate in Turkey, the company must be in full compliance with their national laws sought. In addition, companies that can acquire immovable property in Turkey;

– Turkish Oil, No. 6491
– Promoting Tourism No. 2634,
– Industrial Zones 4737,

they must bear the criteria specified in It carries three criteria specified in the law and there were no constraints on their territory of any other entity that is not experienced any legislation issue of buying real estate in Turkey.

Roadmap and Costs

Real estate sales transactions to be made to foreigners can be settled in the city center or the head office in the district. The land registry offices usually hand in the midday queue for real estate handovers. Therefore, it is better not to hang such a process in the afternoon. In addition, if one of the parties does not speak Turkish, a sworn interpreter is required during the sales process. The documents required for sale are listed on the website of the General Directorate of Land Registry and Cadastre.

The costs you will encounter are:

-Title deed Fees. 2% of the cost of the municipality. It is taken from both the buyer and the seller.
– Revolving fund fee to be paid to the land registry office where the transactions are made. In 2019 it can not exceed 400 lira.
– Service cost. For 2019, it is set as 598.25 TL.

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