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About Us

About us:
 The "BENIMEV" team of executives, experienced engineers in the building and architectural and information technology industry, has come up with new approaches to selling and interacting with the seller and buyer to organize the relationships between buyers, real estate agencies and mass builders. The launch of the most advanced global real estate network with the trademark "BENIMEV" has the URL "www.BENIMEV.com".
Our goal :
Our goal has been to simplify real estate transactions for consumers and mass builders and real estate consultants by creating a seamless communication channel between buyer and seller as well as providing real estate agencies.
We also aim to help esteemed buyers to easily access all of their property with the opportunity to explore other local benefits and scale of these properties.

Other goals we are aiming to provide is for large building project owners to fully present their projects in a professional environment so that buyers have at least 70-60% of their decision to make the right choice prior to site visit. .

At BENIMEV.com, we are proud to provide you with a modern, efficient and real-estate tool for real estate transactions so you can achieve your desired result in the most effective and easy way possible within the terms and conditions of the Website. The BENIMEV portal provides you with the opportunity to get the most complete information about your property with a few clicks in the most efficient way possible through a free mobile app. Use this website or Android and iOS software that is open to the public Is to get the real estate market out of range to buy, sell or rent real estate.

introduction of a company

BANIMEV real estate consulting services limited liability company. The company's core business is through the Internet at www.sahand.com. The main purpose and activity of Real Estate Consulting Company of Iran is to provide easy, inexpensive and affordable advertising services in the field of trade and real estate market.
It won't. It should be noted that the company will never operate in these areas and will not be responsible for this (registration or transfer of property) under the BENIMEV brand.
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Company Internet and advertising activities
Providing online facilities to place free advertising ads for the purchase, sale, rental and booking of properties by individuals through the Website. And mobile software to provide internet access to full access to advertisements posted on the website in the field of real estate transactions for all persons visiting the website.

Internet information on real estate transactions.

Informing about the needs of the real estate market by submitting articles or posting by website users (all persons)

Company service activities

Prepare a report on the price and condition of the property (case and regional) along with photos for home and overseas applicants through collaboration with real estate consultants and owners.
Tracking and preparing real estate (renting, buying, selling) for domestic and overseas applicants through collaboration with real estate consultants and owners.
Managing and advertising activities in real estate (brochures, posters, banners, newspaper ads)
Introducing and employing legal advisors in the field of legal document management and real estate transactions.
Benefits of a company website
Up-to-date and professional technical support.

Being directly exposed to search engines and having a high rank
rank) on Google.
The bilinguals of all web pages (English and Persian) make it accessible to all Internet users.
Convenient display of web pages.
Providing up-to-date and professional features for inserting and viewing ads (professional pages, photos, property location on the map).
Transaction and direct contact with buyers who receive the information in the first category.
Save money on advertising
Save the money you have to pay people as commission.
Create, build, and manage your own property advertising with your own.
Determine when your client visits your property with you and the way you want it.
Collaborate with other real estate companies and consultants
Collaborate with real estate and tourism consulting companies in all countries to sell real estate and services.